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Shipping & Delivery


Where we Ship From:

At MyWitchWorld we work with the top global manufacturers from all over the world to ensure we can maintain a premium quality while still getting the best price for you. We have been fortunate enough to travel around the world and meet with our trusted suppliers to put together a collection of the most effective products in the industry at the best value to our customers. Because we have customers from around the globe, we ship from a number of different countries to ensure we can meet the demand for our jewelry

Order and Tracking:

When you place an order on our store you will immediately receive a purchase confirmation email with your order number and order details. You can cancel your order or make changes to your order up to 12 hours from the time of your order.  After this time frame your order will be processed for shipping as we get it ready to be sent to you. Order processing can take anywhere from 5 hours to 3 business days depending on order volumes. Once your order has been processed you will receive a shipping confirmation email.

Once your order has been scanned and is ready for tracking you will receive an additional email update containing your tracking number. Please note that sometimes it can take a day or two for your tracking information to show up even after you have received your tracking number. This is due to time between order scans and it is completely normal. We assure you it will not affect your expected delivery date. 

Delivery Time:

Estimated shipping can vary from 7-12 days from the time of processing, unless otherwise stated on a specific product page.

The main reason for this wide range is that every Country and every State/Province has different regulations for processing orders which can affect the delivery times.

Still have a question?

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